Kalpesh Talia (B.Arch.)

Principal Architect
“The Design workshop”. New Delhi

Kalpesh talia is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of rich experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. Having worked Initially for 2 years with renowned Architect Mr. Ajoy Choudhury of Design Group, New Delhi (Winner of Agha Khan Award), Kalpesh Talia ventured into field of Interiors. Since 1996 he has been involved in designing and coordinating over 800 interiors for Corporates & Government sector for their multi-location offices, corporate offices & Retail outlets across the country, independently and in association with various design houses.
ln Addition to above, Since 2010 he got involved in Architectural design for Leisure homes and designed Beach houses, Villas, Hill homes, Farm houses across India and Sri lanka.This journey spanning two decades and a half has been passionate one for Kalpesh Talia and creatively extremely successful. He has taken on client’s brief of unique set of design challenges and translated into an aesthetically appealing functional design through his strength of free hand sketching. Client’s comfort is enhanced through this instant feel and understanding of the design, architect’s thinking process/ Visualization and thus a higher level of results are delivered through a collaborative process. His unique strength of freehand sketching to translate his visualisations is a great communication tool giving the client an instant feel of the thinking process

How is the project executed

Assessment studies

Meeting to download brief.
Development of subdesign brief
Site study and analysis
Financial evaluation.
Legal constraints

Planning and Design

Concept development
Sketch development
Program translation
Design evaluation
Rough cost estimate and budgetary


Finalisation of Specifications
Design Detailing
Complete Visualisationof the project
3D/ Modelling


Structure Design Planning for HVAC
Water supply and Disposal system
Design Electrical supply.
Automation and Security
Fire fighting and Detection

Cost monitoring

Cost Estimate
Finalisation Of specifications


Preparation of Tender documents
Comparative study
evaluation and recommendation

Site monitoring

Quality Control and Site Supervision
Cost evaluation and Recommendation


Documentation of services and Facilities as built


The Design Workshop founded in 1995 by Kalpesh Talia with first Interior Design Project as prize winning entry for Gujarat state Emporium “Gurjari “ at New Delhi. The Execution of Project was awarded as Prize for the theme based Design Competition, which laid the foundation for further turnkey projects. Later the firm executed many offices interiors which followed teaming up with “Design Edge Interiors “ A company with in-house manufacturing and execution setup, and headed for Design and Build solution for many Multinational corporates like GE Capital, Fullerton, Citifinancial, Max NewYork life, Aviva, Amway etc to name a few. During this period many trends were set in Detailing, exploring materials and machines, affecting the speed and quality of execution. This design Sense and ability to deliver opened new avenues and the team was awarded its first overseas Architectural project to Design and Build a Luxury Beach House in Sri Lanka followed by Luxury Villas, farmhouses and Residences all over the country.

Since year 2012, design consultancy for Bespoke corporate Interiors and Architectural Projects is the established focus…


Mr P.K Gupta

BSc Civil (Delhi University) Structural Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in construction industry, Retired after serving various organisations like EIL, EPIL, L&T and having very sound knowledge of structures of every level of complication. A great source of knowledge and experience that guides Contractors, supervisors on site, and Designers to help come up with innovative structures.

Mr Manjeet Singh

( B.Tech Electricals).An Electrical Engineer by qualification having more than twenty years of experience has got a sound knowledge and experience for Fire Fighting and detection, PA system, LAN data- networking apart from essential HT and LT electrical works.

We have a highly motivated set of support staff who is ready to take on new ideas and venture into unknown pastures and explore out the most innovative solution, the approach to design is very creative and the brainstorming is done even on a spark . We try to find ways and means to bring our ideas to reality, by using and experimenting with the range of materials and technology

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